3D Wheel Alignment / Tracking

Using state-of-the-art digital cameras the 3D Image Aligner captures the vehicle’s alignment in 3 dimensional space without reference to the lift or the horizontal plane. By placing reflective targets on the vehicle’s wheels full alignment readings are achieved. Cars should have there Wheels Aligned every year or during a Service which we do FREE of charge. We only charge you if adjusting needs to be done.

Cost of Wheel Alignment: 2 Wheel Alignment (Front) £POA  4 Wheel Alignment (Front & Back) £POA

Toe-in & Toe-out (front & Rear)

Incorrect toe can cause the following:

Wear on the outside edge of the tyre

Wear on the inside edge of the tyre

‘Feathering’ across the tyre thread

Mis-aligned steering wheel

‘poor’ handling

Increased fuel consumption due to tyre friction



Incorrect toe-out-on-turns

can cause the following:

Excessive tyre wear: ‘feathering’

Tyre squeal on turns, even at low speeds

Unresponsive steering, i.e. under steer

Incorrect camber can cause the following:

Wear on the inside edge of the tyre

Wear on the outside edge of the tyre

Pulling to one side

Excessive wheel bearing wear

‘Poor’ handling and steering

Incorrect castor can cause the following:

Heavy steering: excessively positive

Road bumps/shocks felt through the steering

Steering vibration/shimmy

Lack of steering self-centring

Kingpin Inclination

Incorrect KPI can cause the following:

Excessive road feedback

Reduced steering self-centring

Excessive suspension components wear

Incorrect camber angle

Vehicle going off-line when encountering road shocks and bumps

Thrust Angle

Incorrect thrust angle can cause the following:

Mis-aligned steering wheel

Excessive rear tyre wear

‘Poor’ vehicle handling

Under steer or Over steer

Vehicle ‘crabbing’

Worn or fault shock absorbers:

Can cause the following:

50% worn shocks can increase emergency braking by 2.6 metres

Worn shock absorbers can increase a driver’s reaction time by up to 26%

Cause uneven headlights which can dazzle oncoming drivers

Increase the risk of the vehicle aquaplaning by nearly 10%

Cause the vehicle to lose control when cornering or caught in a cross wind

Make travelling in the car uncomfortable for Driver and Passengers including causing travel sickness!